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Timeline of Earning a GED

The GED Timeline: How Long Does It Take to Earn a GED Diploma?

Sep 11, 2022 • 4 mins read
The GED Timeline: How Long Does It Take to Earn a GED Diploma?
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

If you are wondering how long it takes to get a GED, it all depends on your learning skills and quality study hours in subject areas. Studying 2-3 times a week will help you to pass the GED test in a few months.

In various cases, the more you spend time on subjects, the faster you can learn about them, which is highly needed to pass the GED on the first attempt.

Determine how quickly you want to complete the course, and try to put a step-by-step checklist to achieve your goal 

The GED test is conducted in 4 major subject areas, including math reasoning, science, social studies, and reasoning through language arts (RLA).

If you are planning to finish the preparation in the first three months of earning a GED diploma, you can go in one of two following ways: 

Option 1: Study a single subject for three weeks, take the GED test, and repeat the same process for the next subject. 

Advantage: You will be able to focus on one subject at a time and show your highest potential to pass the subject efficiently. 

Option 2: Study all four significant subjects for three months and appear to take all four tests in one day. 

Advantage: You will be able to avoid going to the exam center and taking the trip four different times. 

Students are expected to set their GED goal by selecting one option mentioned above and studying hard on subject areas plus, and they have to be consistent and realistic about their exam preparation.

If you are unable to give more time to subjects, then it's advised to provide more extended time on preparing the subject. 

A sample plan for 3-4 months 

By following this sample plan, you will know how and what kind of significant step you have to select. By planning preparation strategically, you will be able to give your 100% and enhance your chances of clearing the GED exam on the first attempt. 

Month 1 

Download free study material and practice tests: To begin preparation for GED, it is best to go through the study material and free practice tests for all major subjects. Consider spending more time on the study material, practice tests, and making proper notes of what you did best. Also, include the improvement idea in your preparation to boost your scores. 

Take GED-ready practice tests: Track your preparation with GED-ready practice tests and determine if you are ready to take the final GED test. 

Get organized: Organize your study guide, calendar, and notepads in one place and write down obtained scores in past practice tests. See if you can improve the subject area by taking the online GED classes and experiencing the unlimited support and study guide. 

Schedule your study times: Plan your time management by scheduling your study hours and, ensure that you spend time on each subject efficiently & track the processing from time to time. 

Start studying hard: As soon as you gather the study material and practice tests in the first few days. It is best to start studying for your GED subject with the highest motivation. 

Month 2-3 

Students are aware of the study calendar and ensure they are following the guide effectively. If you feel bored with long hours, try a shorter study period for better results.

Try to study in groups and with friends to increase your motivation and confidence in the practice. It includes more fun, and you will learn the subject quickly. 

Track and write your progress report on your GED preparation and see if there is any scope for improvement. Take the practice tests to excel in your problem-solving skills with time. 

Month 4 

This is the final phase of your preparation and doesn't disappoint if you feel less confident. It just exam anxiety and recover by setting a short study period and practicing the concepts you know best.

It will help boost your confidence and ask your friends and colleagues for more valuable exam suggestions. You should do what works best for you and enhance your GED scores. 

Set the goal of getting a 160+ score in the finals, so you will know how much you need to spend time on study and practice tests. Consider taking the guidance of GED diploma graduates who will be happy to share their experiences and guide you to clear the exam with high scores. 

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Amit Masih
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