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GED Score Report and Retaking: Study Material and Process

May 08, 2022 • 4 mins read
GED Score Report and Retaking: Study Material and Process
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

Life is all about taking benefit of opportunities. Though examinations scare and make people anxious, you always have the chance to retake the exam and do better. This is true for the GED test as well.
GED is General Educational Development, and the test of GED is separated into four subjects, including social studies, science, mathematical reasoning and reasoning via language arts. You might be extremely excited to give your test and feel to pass the exam to get the job that your desire. At the same time, there might be multiple questions in your mind before taking the test.
Knowing about marking schemes, score levels, and eligibility criteria provide a better understanding of setting your study goals and passing the examination. The best thing about the GED test is that you can retake the exam if you don't score well.
Failing the first try clarifies where you lack knowledge and which subject you need to study thoroughly. In life, you only fail when you give up. Always stay positive and keep in mind that you need to succeed.

What are the score report and score levels in the GED test?

There are four subjects in the GED test: reasoning via language arts, mathematical reasoning, science, and social studies. To clear the GED test, it is mandatory to score 145 marks in every subject. For candidates applying for the GED test, there are plenty of reliable sources to study from.
It is best to take the proxy exam as there is a 100% guarantee to pass the examination through the proxy exam. Practice tests are a must as through these tests you can know how well you have scored in the test. The yellow score indicates that you are ready to take the GED test and study different materials according to your plan.
A green score means that you can take the test in the coming two weeks. It shows that there are high chances that you can pass the test.
In GED test results, there are different levels, and the primary two college-ready levels include:
Pass: Pass shows that you have scored a minimum of 145 marks in every subject, indicating your high knowledge level.
Below passing: Below passing shows that you have scored less than 145 in one of the subject areas.

How to retake the GED test?

This clearly shows that 145 marks are the passing marks. But what if you don't pass the test? It is definitely disappointing to see that you didn't score well on the GED test on the first try, but there's nothing to worry about as all the candidates can retake the test any time.
Some students struggle in mathematics reasoning while some struggle in science, and it is best to understand your weak subject and work on it. Study that subject deeply until your pass the test. Students are given the opportunity to retake the GED test two times regularly. But it is first essential to study thoroughly before retaking the exam.
If anyone isn't able to pass the examination after two takes, then it is mandatory to wait for 60 days before retaking the exam again.

Are there any charges to retake the subject test?

GED Testing Service offers the opportunity to retake the subject test without charges. Sometimes the test locations might charge a low fee retest, so make sure to ask before retaking the test.
After failing two times, the students need to submit total fees. Make sure to check the GED testing policy of your state to know about the price for the GED test.

How do you get ready to retake the GED test?

At first, consider your scores and know the areas where you are struggling. Check out whether you answered all the questions? How do you manage time? Do you face challenges with written essays? How many words did you use to write the essay? Did you use a calculator while solving math problems? Did you recheck all your answers?
These are some of the questions you need to consider and find the answers to. Look at the subjects where improvement is required and keep practicing questions until you are completely confident. Ensure to take the practice test as through these tests you can know your weaknesses.

What study material is available for the GED test?

Remember to pick only specific study material that provides you complete knowledge and practice all the questions. Giving practice tests will save your money and time and help you target and get experts in areas where you face challenges.
Study hard to score 145 marks, and luckily, if you score higher than 145 marks, you can get some fantastic benefits like GED college-ready and GED college-ready plus credit.
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