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Celebrities Who Earned GED 

Celebrity Success: 10 Inspiring GED Graduates

Jun 12, 2022 • 4 mins read
Celebrity Success: 10 Inspiring GED Graduates
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

Achieving a high school diploma is a milestone on the way to educational and career-related success. If you dropped out of high school for some reason, you still have a chance to get a high school equivalency diploma with a GED, and GED offers equal career opportunities and growth as a high school diploma. 

If you are wondering about success with a GED, this answer is yes! A GED diploma opens various career options and unlimited areas like getting admission to college for a UG program or job. GED has massive potential for everyone out there. 

Many celebrities obtained the GED diploma and started their educational career based on GED. Let's check out such celebrities who got ultimate success. 

1. Jay-Z (Famous American Rapper and Songwriter)

Jay-z and his wife Beyonce are one of the highest-paid celebrity couples. Jay-Z initially enrolled in a high school in Brooklyn and New Jersey and dropped out for unknown reasons. Later, he started his education career by earning a GED diploma. The lack of a High school diploma didn't come with a high career and dreams. 

2. Jim Carry (Canadian -American Actor) 

Jim Carry is among the most successful comedians of all time. As a teenager, Jim Carry dropped out of high school to work and pay the bills to support this family financially while growing up in Canada. After some time, he started the preparation for his GED and earned his high school diploma through GED. 

3. Chris Rock (American Comedian)

Chris Rock also left high school at an early age and later earned his GED diploma. Before pursuing his career in comedy and acting, he joins a community college to study his subject. Chris Rock is the most beloved celebrity in the entire world. 

4. Elton John (English Singer-Songwriter) 

When people got bored with classical composition music, Elton John used to perform the song Rock n Roll piano ballads in local pubs of England. Later, he went to achieve his GED diploma to succeed in his career. 

5. Nicolas Cage (American Actor) 

Nicholas Cage left "Beverly hill high school" school, but after this, he decided to earn his diploma with GED and pursue his acting career in filmography. Earning the GED diploma, he attended the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television, which proved a vital part of his career. 

6. D.L Hughley (American Actor) 

At An early age, D.L Hughley was kicked out of school in Southcentral L.A. and joined an infamous gang. But he planned to complete his high school diploma with GED and pursue his career in acting. The downtime of the actor didn't stop due to his lack of a high school diploma, and he took his career to new heights in comedy and acting. 

7. Christian Applegate (American Actress) 

Christian Applegate gained recognition for minor roles in NBC sitcom Jesse (1998-2000) and established a successful film and TV career in her adult years. She handled the workload of acting projects, and for the same reason, she decided to complete her high school diploma from GED towards the end of 11th grade. 

8. Catherine Zeta-Jones 

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Welsh actress known for her versatility. She is honored with various awards, including an Academy Award, a British ACADEMY film award, and a Tony award. Unlike any other, she left high school at the age of 15 to pursue acting. After winning the Oscar, she decided to earn her GED later. 

9. Robert de Niro (American Actor) 

Robert de Niro is also added to the list of successful celebrities who get a GED. He left high school early to pursue a career in film acting, winning multiple Oscar awards and a golden globe award after getting his GED. 

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Former Governor of California & Actor) 

Very few people don't know Arnold Schwarzenegger, known as "Terminator," a series of films. Arnold Schwarzenegger left high school early to pursue his bodybuilding, but later, he got a GED diploma and became a famous actor and governor of California. 

The Final Say

So, in conclusion, you can become successful with a GED if you drop out of high school for any reason. GED offers the same career opportunities and growth as a high school diploma. These celebrities and other people went for GED and ultimately succeeded in their respective careers. What are you waiting for? 

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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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