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College After GED

GED to College: Pursuing Higher Education Opportunities

Jun 19, 2022 • 4 mins read
GED to College: Pursuing Higher Education Opportunities
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

Some students are confused and think that educational college or university will reject their applications after getting a GED diploma. Well, it is not true. In fact, as per research data, 98% of total colleges in the United States are offering admission to students who have a GED diploma.

Once you get into any college & earn a college degree, you will step in toward a great career. 

Use the following tips before sending the application form to the college. 

Does a GED affect college acceptance?

Students from various states may wonder if they didn't attend a high school diploma and get a GED and won't have a chance to get into any college program. This statement is false; about 98% of colleges in the United States are happy to accept admission with a GED high school equivalency diploma. Such students must score college-ready marks on the GED tests in every subject, about 165-175 out of 200. 

Tips for applicants

If you are planning to get the GED or have achieved it already and want to apply to higher educational colleges, you need to consider the following factors and keep them in mind. 

  • Get a great reference letter from the school or community college in which you volunteered before. They will be happy to provide the reference. 
  • Work hard in different organizations, earn valuable experience & mention it in your application form while applying for college. 
  • Prepare well enough to pass college entrance exams such as SAT, ACT, etc. These tests measure how much you are ready for college-level education. 
  • Get a great letter of recommendation from various sources like the government. Organizations or departments, community colleges, and academic departments show your hard work and responsibilities. 

Apply for multiple colleges, including community colleges, state universities, national universities, etc., increasing your chances of getting into college with your dream program. Ensure that your application fulfills all the requirements for admission to a selective college. 

What types of colleges and universities accept the GED?

There is no shortage of colleges and universities which accept applications with a GED diploma certificate. 

1. Community, junior, and technical colleges

These colleges accept applicants who did not have a high school diploma and earned a high school equivalency diploma with a GED.

These colleges are a great selection because: 

  • You will get experience taking college-level classes.
  • Take classes to earn your GED. 
  • Complete all your general education requirements. 
  • Learn job skills and knowledge
  • Earn a skill certification
  • Build an outstanding GPA (grade point average) that can help you in college admissions. 

2. Online colleges

You must conduct detailed research on various colleges before applying for one. By researching, you will have an overview of the college program, fee structure, experience, job opportunities after graduation, and any scholarship. You can apply for an online college where you don't have to attend physical classes or take anywhere in the state. Online colleges have a very affordable fee structure and offer multiple career-oriented programs to students with GED diplomas. But you need to be careful with the accredited status of online college. A College degree from an accredited college is valuable. You can search the accredited college from that national database on the internet.

3. 4-year traditional colleges

Various popular colleges and universities are accepting applications from GED diploma students. Here are points you should focus on before applying for college and university. 

The GED's official website will help you get information regarding college programs, interviews, and a salary guide. Yes, students with a GED diploma can get into prestigious colleges and earn a degree or certificate to boost their career and growth.

It's better to decide the college before getting the GED test and see the college-ready marks range and the eligibility of certain colleges. You can achieve the highest stability and career options in your future, just like any other GED diploma graduate. 

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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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