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GED Math Test

Calculator Use on GED Math Test: What You Should Know

Jul 10, 2022 • 4 mins read
Calculator Use on GED Math Test: What You Should Know
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

The General Educational Development test (GED) is a diploma equivalent test to measure your high school knowledge.

GED is a computer-based test (CBT) consisting of 4 parts:

The math part is the most fearful and anxious for students. Students need to know various concepts like basic math, geometry, algebra, graphs, and functions. Now students do not need to memorize the formulas as GED provides all the information in question to solve the problem that requires mathematical formulas. The big question is, "can candidates use the calculator in the GED test" to decrease the calculation mistakes.

Calculator for GED test

Students are free to use calculators for GED math tests. However, they can use only the TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator. This scientific calculator comes with a digital version and is provided in the examination center, so students do not have to carry or bring a calculator.

This scientific calculator differs from other functional calculators you may use earlier and it has more functionality and can calculate trigonometric, integration, algebraic, and geometric functions in seconds. So, it is essential to become comfortable with this device before appearing in the GED test so that you solve the problems without wasting time figuring out how to use it on the spot.

The right way to mastering in the scientific calculator is to buy one and try to solve the problems using it. Still, if students face difficulty, they can find online tutorials, which may be helpful. You can find the TI-30XS scientific calculator reference sheet, which will help you to understand how to perform various calculations.

The GED test Calculator tutorial is a different step-by-step method to teach yourself how to move and perform all functions on the scientific calculator. These GED calculator tutorials do not have limitations, so students can for long hours till they master using them. Candidates can also use the calculator formula sheets to practice it to be well prepared for the GED math test.

Other tips to help you prepare for your GED test

Once students are familiar with functionalities or scientific calculators for the GED test, here are some other tips which will be helpful to pass the exam on the first attempt.

Free practice tests

This section offers the students to attempt similar questions to the GED test. This practice test will display the correct and incorrect questions you attempted and provide the full explanation for every question.

Take an official GED practice test

Students can select math or other GED test subjects for a small fee. They will see the most expected or similar questions, which is great to practice. By performing this, you will have a clear idea about math questions which will help you to boost your confidence.

Understand your state policy

The GED certification is provided by the state only. So it is better to know and understand the rules and policies in your home state before applying for the GED test.

Take online classes

Joining the online classes will allow you to interact with real instructors who will guide you with the best strategy. You can take online classes with high comfort on different devices.

The Final Verdict

GED is not only allowing the scientific calculator in a math test but also provides it. So there is no need to buy or carry a fresh calculator for the GED math test, and it will prevent students from making calculation mistakes in exams.

However, a scientific calculator differs from any functional one as it offers more functionality and can perform calculations on complex operations. And, if you want to take the GED test through the proxy, here we are. CBT Proxy is a reliable and well-known proxy examination center, offering a range of IT certifications.

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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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