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Getting Your GED: Process and Timeline Explained

Aug 07, 2022 • 4 mins read
Getting Your GED: Process and Timeline Explained
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

GED – A profile full of opportunities

GED is known with a number of names. Graduate Equivalency Degree and General Educational Diploma are most common. Getting a GED is simple, which―in most cases― you earn after high school.

GED diploma proves that you have finished all required courses to graduate, which is considered equivalent to higher school education.

Some high school students are determined to finish and receive a diploma, but they fail in the same owing to some unfavorable circumstances. In such circumstances, people can study a series of tests to determine whether they have completed high school.

This is referred to as the GED test. GED credential enables you to get a job as it is considered a minimum qualification for many jobs.  

The job opportunities for a GED holder are endless. You can enter any possible sector among:

  • Management
  • Security and protection
  • Education
  • Sales and marketing
  • Banking
  • Health care industry

Besides plenty of job opportunities, GED also benefits you in many ways. GED helps you in growing or getting promotions in your current job. If you get GED, it shows that you are passionate and hardworking.

The feeling of getting a successful GED is remarkable, making you a much more confident candidate. Obtaining your GED opens the door to a brighter future.

With a bit of planning and effort, you will have the certification to land a better-paying job and further your education.

If you are planning to get GED, you must have a few questions in your mind. The below section will help you understand more about GED.

Is GED a universal credential?

A big yes! GED is considered everywhere. From getting admission for further education in reputed universities to getting a job in a broad spectrum of industries, GED serves you the best of it.

How long does it take to get GED? 

There are several factors that affect the duration of getting your GED.  The first one is your skills and knowledge. If you have a prior basic understanding of the topics, you can get the credential in a short span. If you have all the exam content with you, there are good chances you can get your GED sooner. According to people's experience, GED can be yours within 3 months, on average. You must focus on all stages of the exam to get the credential sooner.

How do I get my GED?

Getting the GED is not a complex process; it is the same as other exams. Here are some stages of the exam for you to get the answer to 'how to get your GED?

1. Get enrolled in a quality GED course

If you consider yourself new to this exam or worried about the exam, enroll yourself in any GED course from a reliable source. If you have already decided to obtain your GED, such training courses will help you reach your goal early. This course covers all the exam content and also makes you understand the concepts thoroughly.  

2. Asses the exam curriculum

The exam covers the four major subjects in the main exam. The subjects are:

  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Reasoning through Language Arts

The main objective of the exam is to assess the candidate's efficiency in performing tasks of daily life. You are supposed to have sound knowledge of these subjects. 

The GED is not just a mere memory test, so work on planning a study strategy that involves exercising your abilities relevant to the subjects mentioned above, and reason, analyzing, getting conclusions, and drafting answers. 

3. Practicing is the best policy 

Practicing creates memory, which will help you get desired results in the GED exam. For any exam, attempting a practice exam is always the best idea to beat the under-confidence during the exam. Practice exams will help you build confidence and understand the official exam pattern. Getting the practice exam from some authentic sources is suggested to save you money and time. 

The scores in practice exams will help in self-evaluation, and you can track your progress before the final official exam.

4. Plan your strategy to prepare for the exam

Make a strategy to cover all the subjects. It will help you in covering all the topics systematically. You can plan your schedule according to the subject and your knowledge. Try to give more time to your weak subject. By planning, you will learn how to manage your time, which will benefit you in the exam. 

If you are confident enough about preparation, you can go ahead with scheduling your exam. Schedule your exam and attempt the exam are the final stages for getting GED. You must keep a few things in your mind before these final stages. 

When you schedule your exam, you must plan and register for the exam to prevent technical difficulties. As there is no specific date and time for the exam, you are free to choose the date and time at your convenience. It is better to schedule the exam once you feel fully prepared. You also get the option to attempt the exams for different subjects separately or altogether. Exam location can also be chosen according to your preference. 

Scheduling the exam is easy; you must log in to the official website with your GED account. Choose the subjects, and select the date and time. Pay for the exam using your debit or credit card. 

Once you are done with the scheduling procedure, the final and most crucial stage is to take the final exam. You may feel nervous on the day of the exam―which is quite natural―you must take proper sleep of not less than 7 hours and eat healthy meals.

This will help you in resisting nervousness. Be at the exam center before the mentioned time to check all the necessary requirements. 

During the exam, read the instructions carefully. Follow them with discipline. And lastly, make sure you read all the questions carefully to avoid any mistakes. 

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