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Joining the Military with a GED: Eligibility and Benefits

Jun 26, 2022 • 4 mins read
Joining the Military with a GED: Eligibility and Benefits
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

The GED diploma provides the status of valuable high school equality and ensures you get your dream college program or job in the organization. The GED and military have a history and a deep relationship.

Originally the GED was first introduced in 1942 for veterans and military members to find suitable jobs. So, this is now an exciting fact that GED diploma graduates can get into a military branch with a GED.

Let us learn more about the military's recruitment process and how your GED can impact it.

Can you join the military with a GED?

The answer is yes! In general, the US military recruitment process requires a high school diploma, but you have a chance to get selected as a member of the military branch with your GED diploma. It does not matter which branch of the military you are serving; candidates need to meet citizenship, height and weight, legal verification, document verification, age, etc., to join the military.

In the United States, the military recruitment process is divided into three tiers with different eligibility to join the military force. Tier 1 recruits must get a High school diploma or complete 15 credits (one semester). Tier 2 recruitment process requires a GED, and the tier 3 recruiting process does not require a GED or high school diploma.

Tier 3 Recruit

There are hardly any tier 3 Recruits, and the tier 3 recruits have neither a GED nor a High school diploma to join the military. If any Candidate is looking forward to joining any military branch and does not have a GED diploma, it is highly advised to register for a GED test and better prepare for the GED.

To initiate the preparation for the GED test, you can get help with GED practice tests which can be accessed online on GED Flash. It will be beneficial to get authentic study material and guidance, which will be essential.

Tier 2 Recruit

If any Candidates have earned the GED diploma and planning to join the military, they should know that every branch has its limits in the recruitment process. For example, less than 1% of candidates are selected for the air-force through tier 2, and approximately 5% of the USMC are tier 2. If you want the highest chances to get into tier 2 Recruit, you must score great in ASVAB.


The ASVAB (Armed services vocational Aptitude Battery) is recruiting process for tier 2 recruits to make into the US military. The ASVAB has different eligibility criteria for different tiers. The tier 2 Recruits have to score a minimum of 50% or higher to qualify for the test, and on the other side, the tier 1 recruits only have to score just 31% or higher. If any Candidate scores significant enough in particular areas and displays a deep knowledge of those areas, they can be recruited to fill specific Military positions.

Tier 1 Recruits

For the process of tier 1 Recruits, it does not matter whether you have a valid GED diploma or not, if you have completed your high school diploma or 15 credits in college. You will be considered applicable for tier 1 recruits, and such recruits get the first pick for any branch position in the US military.

Candidates who have earned the GED diploma certificate and planning to join the tier 1 recruits, such candidates have to complete a minimum of 15 credits in college (one semester).

These college credits can be earned from any university, including vocational, community college, or business school. Candidates should double-check with the recruiter before applying for college to earn 15 credits and ensure that that school is recognized in programs.

If you are planning to enroll yourself in the military but do not have GED, then you start with GED Ready the official GED test, which helps help you to track your preparation and progress as well as you will be able to know your strength and weakness within the GED.

The GED flash also provides custom study materials and plans to work on areas that candidates should improve first. This practice will surely improve your GED scores in final practice tests.

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