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Online GED Test

The Official Online GED Test: An Introduction

Aug 21, 2022 • 4 mins read
The Official Online GED Test: An Introduction
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

In May 2020, The GED testing agency took the GED to the next level by introducing an online proctored GED test currently available in selective States of the country. With an online facility, you can participate in the GED test from your home with pace and suitability.

At the same time, the online GED test is safely monitored by an online proctor. Before launching this program, students used to take the GED test in person in testing centers.

The online GED testing was introduced to help students unable to participate in the GED exam during the global pandemic COVID-19 when most of the physical exam centers were closed or operated with limited slots.

Online GED testing is not available in whole states yet, but in the future, there is a considerable possibility of introducing this program internationally. 

Students need to complete the following requirements to take the GED test through online mode. 

  • Your state allows you to participate in an online GED test. 
  • You have scored "green" in your GED-ready practice tests within the last 60 days. 

Students who are planning to take the GED test through online mode can check their eligibility status on the official website of GED. 

You must have an online testing material system with a steady internet connection. 

  • You will need a computer with a webcam, and high-speed internet. (No phone or tablet devices are allowed) 
  • You must take the GED test in a private area with closed doors. 
  • Before scheduling your final online GED test, it's better to run the security check to see if your computer meets the requirements. 

Secure and reliable testing mode

The online GED test is conducted under the supervision of an online proctor who monitors exams through a live webcam. It is powered by OnVUE software with in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) to complete the test securely. 

The online mode test has the same study material and cost as the in-person version.   Students need to be careful with fraudulent online websites that claim to conduct online tests or organize a fake online test. The official online GED test is proctored and accessible by only a student's GED account.

To initiate the online test, you may have to log in to your GED account, where you will see the final result after the successful completion of the GED test. 

Additional online resources

1. Online GED course

For better preparation for the GED test, you can access the online GED live classes and start your preparation with the best guidance and study material. 

  • GED Live lets you meet with experienced instructors who will guide you to get through the GED test with minimum effort. 
  • Complete the course at your pace from home. 
  • You can have the recorded lectures if you missed the live lesson. 

2. Interactive practice tests on the go

GED flash is a mobile-friendly application that offers GED-ready practice tests to enhance GED scores. 

  • Multiple interactive questions based on the final GED test. 
  • Get a detailed description to understand every question instantly. 
  • Study wherever and whenever students what to access from any device. 

3. Official practice tests

Practice tests are a great tool to track your preparation and progress. The GED-ready practice tests will help you to understand the basic concepts of the final GED test and testing process.

To participate in the online GED tests, students need to score "Green" on GED Ready practice tests. 

  • Feel more comfortable and confident on the testing day as you know high school concepts well. 
  • Try to attend multiple practice tests to track your actual progress.
  • If you can measure the effectiveness of your learning and preparation.
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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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