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Timeframe for Obtaining Your GED: What to Expect

Oct 30, 2022 • 4 mins read
Timeframe for Obtaining Your GED: What to Expect
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

Undoubtedly, a high school diploma may hold the key to a bright future, and it takes a systematic academic year.

But on the other hand, the GED offers the same career benefits, plus a GED diploma takes a few months of preparation, and you get the high school equivalency diploma.

After passing the GED test with enough preparation and dedication, you can receive your GED diploma certificate.

Various candidates planning to take the GED test have one common question: "how long does it take to get my GED diploma?”

To find the right answer to this question, we have gathered all the required information in this guide.

How long do people generally study for the GED?

The time duration of taking a GED mainly depends on your high school knowledge and learning ability. You might be ready to appear in the GED test after preparing for a few months or longer.

It is highly advised that you take you to spend more dedicated time on your subject and schedule the GED test when you are confident that you will pass it.

The GED test is conducted in 4 major subjects: mathematical reasoning, reasoning through language arts (RLA), science, and social studies.

You are allowed to take each subject according to your suitability, and it's better to schedule subjects at different times and not take tests for all subjects simultaneously.

For better performance, it's best to take GED-ready practice tests before taking the final GED test. These practice tests will help you to track your preparation, and you will be able to determine your weaknesses and strengths.

According to experts, candidates should focus on self-study for 90 min, 4-5 times a week, to create an effective routine. Many students maintain the study routine 2-3 times a week and still get high scores on the final GED test.

It all depends on your High school knowledge and learning ability. If you are facing difficulty determining how much you need to study for the final test, consider reviewing authentic study material recommended by GED officials.

If you can study all subjects at once, then it is best to take all subject exams on the same day. However, you can take the GED subject test according to your suitability and confidence.

How long is the GED test?

Appearing for all GED subject tests at once will take approximately 7.5 hours. However, you can schedule your GED test subject whenever you feel confident. If you focus on one subject at a time, it is best to take one subject test simultaneously. The GED test duration combined depends on how you schedule your subject tests.

The GED test breakdown for every subject is as follows:-

  • Reasoning through language arts (RLA): 150 minutes with a 10 min break between tests.
  • Social studies: 70 min
  • Mathematics: 115 min with 10 min break
  • Science: 90 min

How long does it take to get GED scores?

You have put a lot of hard work and dedicated hours into GED preparation & taken the entire test for each section. Now you might wonder how long it takes to receive the final GED scores.

Multiple candidates get their GED scores right after submitting the final test or within a few hours. If not, you may expect to receive it within 24 hours of completing the exam.

Once the final GED scores are generated, you can check them on your official email or log into your GED account online. If you do not receive your GED scores after two days of completing the final test, you should contact the official GED support team.

The support team will help you provide the information or will be able to assist you with your query.

Getting your GED will bring many exciting opportunities, and you may step into a bright future. So, celebrate this milestone and keep moving forward in your career.

Well-organized planning suits your learning skills and mental abilities, and practice through GED ready test will be crucial to success in the final GED test.

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