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GED Test Scores

Understanding GED Test Scores: A Comprehensive Guide

Sep 18, 2022 • 4 mins read
Understanding GED Test Scores: A Comprehensive Guide
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

Students preparing for the GED test to earn a high school equivalency diploma without attending any actual high school must know about the parameters obtained in GED score.

The GED test is conducted into four major subjects, including math, reasoning through language arts, science, and social studies.

To clear all the subjects, candidates must earn a minimum of 145 marks in each subject area to pass the exam.

How is the GED scored?

Candidates appearing for the GED test should know the minimum passing marks and other GED score parameters.

When candidates get their GED scores, they can achieve two different levels.

Below passing: If the GED score is lower than 145 on one of the subject areas.

Pass: If you have achieved 145 and more in every subject.

What are the subject areas?

The GED test is conducted in 4 major subject areas as follows:

  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Reasoning through language arts (RLA)
  • Science
  • Social studies

The different questions in each area have additional marking weightage. So you should not confuse your GED score in each subject area and the number of questions you answered correctly. You need at least 145 marks in every subject Domain to pass the GED test.

What does my practice score mean?

The GED ready provides various practice tests to track your preparation, and it indicates whether you are prepared to take the final GED test or not. It gives hints that you are ready to take the final test or not.

If your scores are "green" marks, you are ready to take the GED final test for that particular subject area.

It is highly advised that you should focus on one subject at once. Do not try to mash up all the subjects in a single shot; better to prepare for one subject and give your full potential in the final test.

A green score indicates that you are well prepared for the GED test subject area, and a yellow colored score means that you need more attention and hard work on that subject.

Are GED scores averaged?

After the successful completion of the GED test of the subject, you receive a score report for the same subject. The GED scores are not averaged. You have to achieve at least 145 in every subject.

For example, you cannot pass if you get 125 in math and 165 in social studies, and the average GED score is 145. Every candidate should keep this thing in mind and focus on one subject at a time until they complete the minimum passing marks requirements.

What scores are important to colleges?

Getting the passing marks of 145 only gets you a GED diploma certificate which is the minimum requirement for each subject; instead, getting higher marks can bring additional benefits.

GED college ready: You have to get a GED score of 165-175 in every subject area to display you are good enough for college, and now you don't need to attend additional probation tests.

GED college+ credit: For this category, students need to score at least 175 in every GED subject, which shows that they have mastered that subject area.

Getting higher marks than passing scores brings additional benefits, and students with higher marks than 175 get selected for the college and program of their choice. So, as a result, you should focus on scoring maximum marks of more than 170 in every GED subject area.

What if I don’t pass any subject?

You do not have to worry if you don't pass any particular subject area. You may apply for re-examination after some time. You do not have to retake all subjects, just those you did not get enough passing marks.

You may start the preparation for that subject area and practice more questions till you answer at least 70% of the questions correctly.

The re-examination of GED subjects may vary from state to state policies irrespective of whether you are taking an online GED test or in-person testing mode.

Usually, students are allowed to take multiple attempts to clear the subjects, and there are no limitations on attempting the GED test for the subject area. However, you may have to wait for 60 days after the final GED test to retake the exam.

Students are advised to check state GED retake exam policies for their states. You are also free to retake the exam to improve your test score.

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