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What Happens If You Don't Pass the GED Test? Exploring Your Options

Oct 02, 2022 • 4 mins read
What Happens If You Don't Pass the GED Test? Exploring Your Options
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

Undoubtedly, passing the GED test requires hard work and dedication to authentic study material. But we all know failure is an integral part of success, which is certain for the GED test.

If anyone fails to pass the GED test on their first attempt, they still have a chance to do well in particular areas of GED. Students can study and can appear to retake the GED test. 

Various candidates who failed to clear GED subjects in the first attempt retake the test with improved knowledge and pass the subjects in the next chance. 

Here we will help you with many questions as follow.

  • How do you prepare to retake the GED test? 
  • How much does it cost to retake the exam? 
  • How many attempts do we have to clear the GED test? 

How many times can you take the GED test? 

Students who didn't clear the GED test in the first attempt can appear to retake a subject two times in a row. If you still have not passed it, don't worry; you must wait for 60 days before trying again. 

It's common to feel frustration and disappointment if you don't pass the GED test in multiple attempts. So you are expected to be patient and best to prepare with more dedication and planning.

Consider taking GED-ready practice tests to track your preparation, and if your scores are "green" labeled, then better to appear for the final test. 

How much does it cost to retake a test subject? 

Students can retake the GED subject test free of cost, and the GED officials do not charge an extra fee or another charge if they need to retake a subject. You ask about the test locations that might be helpful to provide low-cost retests or free. 

What are the state policies for retaking the GED? 

Almost every state allows you to retake the GED subject without any waiting period. After three attempts (including the first one), you will be asked to wait at least 60 days to take the test again. It is highly advised to look up the GED testing policies for your domicile state for pricing for a retake and other related rules and regulations. 

What scores do you need to pass the GED test? 

Attending the final GED test without knowing the minimum passing mark is not worthwhile. So here is precisely the GED score breakdown for subjects. 

  • 100-144: This score is insufficient to pass the GED test. 
  • 145- 164: This score indicates that you have required high school level skills and passed the GED subject. 
  • 165-174: This demonstrates that you are ready to join the college for further high education and shows you have mastered the subject. 
  • 175-200: You have performed outstandingly, your skills are above average, and you have a deep understanding of high school concepts. 

How to prepare for your retake test? 

First, you must conduct detailed research and know your mistakes in the final test. Simply ask the following questions to yourself and write them down: 

  • Did you answer every question? Did the test time run out first? 
  • Did you use a calculator on the math or science portions? Do you need to learn how to use one? 
  • Are you struggling with the written essay? Did you directly answer the writing prompt? Did you write a long enough essay?

Improving your subject areas was required the most. Join the GED+ online classroom to interact with experienced instructors who will guide you through the GED test with minimum effort and provide excellent study materials. Keep doing the GED-ready practice questions based on the final GED test and track your performance.

Once you are confident enough to pass the GED test with high scores, then it's high time to retake the final GED test. 

Students struggling in one or two areas are expressly advised to pick quality study materials prescribed by the GED officials and spend more time on practice tests.

This will define your Valuable time and enhance your knowledge in areas. Try to achieve around 160 or more scores to pass the GED subject areas and keep your preparation intact. 

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