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GED Test: Online or In-Person? Making the Right Choice

Sep 04, 2022 • 4 mins read
GED Test: Online or In-Person? Making the Right Choice
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

GED test is an important step to measure your high school knowledge, plus you will be awarded diploma equivalent certification. Many students have questions about how to take the GED test online or in person.

Can they participate in the GED test online at home? 

Taking the GED online vs. in-person 

GED test is conducted in 4 parts: math, reasoning, science, and social science. Candidates are free to attempt all parts on the same day or can take them one by one. It highly advised GED candidates not to take all parts on the same day. Candidates can take the GED test online or in person, and scheduling the exam over a couple of weeks or months is straightforward. 

Here is what candidates need to know about each testing option:


The online mode of the GED test is performed under an instructor who supervises candidates during the examination and ensures that the rules and regulations of the examination are followed. Candidates must provide a government-issued photo identity card to verify their name, Date of birth, residence address, and signature. 

You will be able to check your GED test scores on official website after the successful completion of the exam 


If you want to take the GED test in person, you must find an official GED test center near your location, which can be found online. All in person are performed on weekdays, and there will be no exams on holidays or weekends. Candidates must check test availability before signing up for the exam because seating is limited. 

All the essential materials like a pen, pencil, paper, equation sheet, and calculator (for math only) will be provided at the exam center, and you cannot carry your materials. Plus, you must leave your items like purses, bags, and digital devices outside the exam room before entering the center. 

Can candidates take the GED test online at home? 

Various fake rumors about taking the GED test online at home are circulating on the internet. This all depends on the state you come from. Every state has different rules and exam patterns for the GED test. So it is better to check your state policy before signing up for the GED test.

If your state qualifies for an online home test, you should take it. However, all the testing modes are supervised by an online proctor given by GED testing services. 

Circumstances that may affect where you should take the GED test

1. Distance from the testing center

When choosing the testing center, it is best to select a convenient location. Consider some factors, including parking options, traffic conditions, and safety, while selecting the exam center for the GED test. By choosing a near and convenient exam center, you will not have to stress out before the exam. 

2. Access to secure and reliable internet 

The selected exam center must have a secure and continuous internet connection. If your internet connection is poor or lags between exams, it will significantly disturb you.

So it is best to check your internet with the help of a technician. It is best to select locations with secure and steady internet connections, like public libraries or cyber centers. 

3. What time do you schedule your test

It does not matter whether you schedule your GED test in morning or evening shifts but consider the factor of traffic jams, public transportation, and location so that you do not miss your test and reach it on time.

Therefore, plan according to your test schedule and reach the exam center before the test begins. 

4. Home Environment

Choosing a clean and peaceful place for your exam is highly recommended. Ensure no distractions like noisy children, construction work, or other noisy elements ruin your exam day.

Select a perfect place for exams with great lighting and good internet access.  

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