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Taking the GED Test Online: Your Complete Guide

Jul 03, 2022 • 4 mins read
Taking the GED Test Online: Your Complete Guide
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

In the past years, the GED test was conducted offline in a physical exam center under the supervision of a proctor who monitors all the students. However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, you can now take the GED test in online mode subject to the eligibility of state students. You may qualify for an online GED test based on various requirements as per your state officials. 

The GED launched the online testing program in May 2020 as a pilot program in various phases. In the first phase, students are invited to sign up for the following categories through an official email.

You are eligible to apply for an online GED test if:

  • If your in-person test has been canceled
  • You pass 3 of 4 subjects of the GED exam 
  • GED-ready "Green" score has been achieved within the last 60 days
  • Essential cases per individual state

This pilot program is still running even after the global pandemic; some eligibility changes. Detailed information about the eligibility criteria for your state can be found on GED online testing web. 

An online proctor monitors the candidates taking the GED test online, and the online test is conducted using his/her supervision, similar to any offline GED test. 

Students need to be aware of information that apart from the pilot program in which the GED test is conducted under proctored, you cannot earn the GED diploma other than in person at an authorized testing center. You must be careful of fraudulent websites that offer the GED test diploma certificate without taking any exam or provide a fake GED certificate by conducting a fake online GED test. So, you only take the online GED test on the official website 

If you are confident enough to take the final GED test, the internet has valuable resources and tools to help you to prepare for the GED test. You should keep reading the ideas on various things that may help you study for exams, and you will be able to schedule your GED test through many tools. 

1. Take online practice tests

Online GED practice tests are the best tools to track your preparation and help you identify strengths and weaknesses. These GED practice tests will let you know which subject to focus more on or how to attempt section-wise the final test, as well as time Management during the test. 

  • If you are given multiple practice tests, then you will feel confident for the final GED test.
  • If you want to track your preparation and progress, try to give more than one test. 
  • As your GED practice tests score increases with time, your study and planning are working. 

2. Interactive practice questions on-the-go 

GED flash is mobile friendly application platform where GED candidates can take online practice tests based on the GED test. It will be helpful to boost your confidence and improve your scores. 

  • Thousands of practice questions based on real GED tests. 
  • You can see instant real-time step-by-step explanations to understand the answer. 
  • You can read and take practice tests with your suitability of place and time with easy access on any device. 

3. Enroll yourself in an online GED preparation course

Once the GED candidates get an overview of what to study for the exam by taking multiple practice tests, they can join the online GED preparation course, which can help them to understand the study material and section of questions. 

  • GED Live provides an experienced instructor who will guide you in each subject. 
  • You can complete the course as per your suitability at home. 
  • GED Live offers the recorded study session on students' demand in case they missed the live lesson. 

4. Schedule your GED test online

If you are eligible to take the GED test online, you can schedule your GED test according to your availability. We advise you to schedule your online GED test when you feel the highest confidence level in your preparation.

The online GED portals allow eligible candidates to schedule test days and times, and it allows you to select a nearby test center. It will be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of GED official study material and guidance. 

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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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